Let’s Imagine

Looking back a bit but…

This past October 9th John Lennon would have been 70 years old.

There is no way to know what he would have done, written, recorded, been passionate about or contributed.

All we know it would have been something.

After his five-year “house husband” period he was back and excited about it in 1980.  He released the album ‘Double Fantasy’ and then was taken from us in an unthinkable way.

He seemed at the time (for him anyway) to have mellowed.  He wasn’t the “angry” Lennon anymore.  He wasn’t pushing peace or politics.  He was a father and a husband and that’s what he wrote about.

More than any artist he was honest.  Wherever, however, whatever he was going through, he put it out there for everyone.  He didn’t hold back simply to be loved.

What if he had lived?   What if Mark David Chapman missed and was apprehended?

What if he had somehow survived the gunshot wounds?

What if?

We’re talking about John Lennon here.  There is truly is NO WAY to guess what he would have done.  Unpredictability was his only predictability.

When Lennon died it was always said he was finally at peace.  He was a father and a husband and that is “finally” what he found and wanted.   After drugs, Primal screaming, political activism, drinking and acting like a madman rock star with the likes of Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon and Ringo, he said he finally found his answer.

And it’s funny, it was what he had been giving Paul McCartney such a hard time for years.

Family.  Being a husband.  Kids.  It’s all that matters.  Peace was important, but start with peace within yourself and at home….

Would he have stayed in that place?  Again, there is no way to tell.  His and Yoko’s relationship was so intense that sometime it’s difficult to make those last.

Lennon could have ended up voting for Reagan, being a pitchman for English Peas (Give Peas A Chance!)   Playing Live Aid, Not playing Live Aid, and always having a self-confident rationalization for everything!  That was the beauty that was John Lennon.

In 1968 he posed naked with Yoko on an album cover (‘Two Virgins’) and McCartney’s only real response (besides personally trying to talk John out of it) was it was “just John being John”.

He was an enigma that you couldn’t help loving.  An admitted personally violent man who wanted universal peace.

Would there have been a Beatles reunion?  I say probably.

Underneath it all John knew that the four were bigger than their parts.   He also knew he was better when he and Paul were together to keep each other in check.  It might would have been one show.  It might have been an album.

But we will never know.  And the truth is John Lennon’s death gave The Beatles a beginning, middle and end.  They couldn’t get back together and screw it up.

But I do know underneath every change, every father figure he found , every mother figure he found, every guru, every newest cure and every “new” cause and answer that he found he was an artist.

A true artist.

So what I know we could have expected was his work.

Work that made you react in some sort of way. Art you really couldn’t ignore.   Be it beautiful, charming, ridiculous, humorous or spellbinding, we would have had that.

And boy we lost out….

Any thoughts on what Mr. Lennon would have done if he were with us today?



3 responses

  1. Jim

    I’m pretty sure that if John were still alive today, the world would be a better place.

    February 8, 2011 at 8:54 pm

  2. Derek Scudder

    While we missed out on all that John MIGHT have been/done, we were spared anything embarrassing/criminal he might have done.

    How do you think he would have put up with TMZ or Perez Hilton, et al ??? Think there’s a possibility this violent man could have been pushed to do something he might have regretted to maintain his privacy?

    Imagine (sorry) the possibility of John completely “selling out” and the mythical “Give Peas a Chance” ad campaign been one of the more creative ones.

    What kind of airplay would any of his projects gotten? No matter how brilliant and accomplished they might have been, what radio stations still play quality music by relevant artists? Since he’s John Lennon, he might get a mention on the Classic Rock dinosaurs but all they’d play would be “Instant Karma”

    No, I’d rather keep John with his own beginning, middle and end and be DAMN glad of what he DID leave us.

    February 8, 2011 at 9:44 pm

  3. Jeff Lovett

    I just sorted out my beatle cards that I collected from my childhood. Brought back memories. No doubt a special creative musical time in the 1960’s. John Lennon’s song are forever in my heart and will live on forever.

    February 9, 2011 at 11:27 am

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