The Helping Hands

With the recent devastation by the tornadoes in Alabama and the south people are coming from everywhere to help.  It’s touching, and you always wonder why a tragedy of this nature always seems to be the thing to bring out the best in people.  But it’s when people need the most help that the most people help.

None help more than musicians. 

From the very first benefit concert (usually thought as ‘The Concert for Bangladesh’ with George Harrison fronting the first all-star line up in 1971) to Live aid and Live 8 musicians always seem to be at the forefront to raise awareness and money for worthy causes.

But it’s not just the over wealthy artist who pull these shows together. 

 Being a musician/ artist is an odd job.  Let’s face it.  For the most part you are vastly over paid or sickly underpaid for what you do.  Most musicians do it because they love it, and virtually almost HAVE to do it. 

If you have been paying attention, shows have been popping up all over Alabama raising money, and much-needed supplies for the victims of this tragedy.  And these are shows put on not by the over paid musicians.  They are done by bands and artist who are donating their time and talent for a greater good.  And they are done by musicians who could absolutely use the money themselves to pay their bills.

But it’s the only thing they can do to give.  To help a cause very in need. 

People make musician jokes, (what do you call a musician without a girlfriend?  Homeless.)

But being an artist generally means you feel things.  You want to express things.  In my opinion, it is why they are usually on the front line to help when tragedies happen.


I’m proud to be one, and proud of all the musicians and artist who have given of themselves to help.



God bless all of you.

The Black Jacket Symphony has donated through rock radio stations in Birmingham Alabama.  It never feels like enough….



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