Reelin’ In The Years

Aging.  It happens to everybody, but when it happens to Rock Stars it’s just….different.  Not bad, mind you.  Just different.  These are the forever young crowd.  The “hope I die before I get old” guys.  Some have fared better than others.  Let’s take a look:

Mick Jagger.  I guess lips decrease in size as you age, and for him that should have been a good thing.  But instead he for some reason looks more and more like Don Knotts brother.

Johnny Rotton.  I’m not going to say this about anybody else on this list.  He should stop.  Stay home.  Work in a book store or something.  Punk’s whole attitude was against what he is now.  Ain’t right.

Roger Daltrey.  His physical self has aged much better than his voice.  Guess you just can’t do that scream for that long….

Ozzy Osborne.  The “Prince of Darkness” sure looked like an innocent young man didn’t he?  We all know what happened to the Ozzter.  And we somehow love him for it.

Tom Petty.  A little more weight but he was too damn skinny anyway.  Actually aging pretty well…

Iggy Pop.  Okay, he hasn’t changed.  He was a little frightening then, and he is now….

David Lee Roth.  Just an older version of himself, although he look like a guy you would see at a Sears.  The combover has got to go though.

Pat Benatar.  She might actually look better now….

Meat Loaf.  Absolutely looks better now.

Bob Dylan.  He needs Geritol now. Bad.

Bruce Springsteen.  Used to sing about working people and unions etc.  Now the boss looks like a union boss.  Looks good though.

David Bowie.  Definitely looks better in his older age.  But then again, when he was younger his whole gig was to look like a freak….

Robert Plant.  At some age you should probably get a somewhat shorter haircut.  Unless you want to look like you live in an aquarium.

Axl Rose.  Lots of cosmetic surgery.  Proves you gotta do it right….

Steven Tyler.  See what I mean?

Paul McCartney.  Actually aging very gracefully.  He admits to dying his hair, but hey….

Linda Ronstadt.  This one seriously just breaks my heart.  If she only knew how many times I held her album covers with just one hand…..

Bono.  Aging well.  And got rid of the mullet.  Anybody else think he and Robin Williams could be related?

Grace Slick.  I actually met and talked with her recently.  She wants you to know she doesn’t give a crap.

Neil Young.  He really could take better care of himself.  But now doesn’t he look like one of your uncles?

David Crosby.  Who knew a new liver would turn you into Wilford Brimley?


Eric Clapton.  Again, aging very very well against all odds keeping in mind the copious amounts of drugs he did.

Keith Richards.  The other side of that Clapton thing.  But I never understood when he got new teeth he didn’t get the same size as he got before.  This one picture could save millions in “the war against drugs” campaign.

John Lennon.  Imagine.

Have any opinions on which Rock Star has aged well…….or not so much?


3 responses

  1. Tres

    Axl now looks like he could be Gary Shandling’s brother.

    September 22, 2011 at 3:28 pm

  2. Mandy

    Paul McCartney never aged because the man in the pictures you posted is not Paul McCartney. He is William Campbell.

    November 3, 2011 at 7:02 pm

  3. kunal

    axl rose looks like joker’s blond son from his sister

    March 30, 2012 at 8:21 pm

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