This week people around the country will be saying thanks for their blessings: family, friends, good health, etc. So it’s a fitting time to make a playlist of music that captures this sentiment in song.

Or something like that.
Anyway here are some Black Jacket suggestions for Thanksgiving songs:

Alanis Morrissette- “Thank You”
I don’t remember what she was thankful for. I barely remember the song except the opening line was about “anti-biotics”.
But I do remember she was naked in the video.
Thank you Alanis.

Led Zeppelin- “Thank you”
A great song from Led Zeppelin II.
It was the first song Robert Plant wrote all the lyrics to, and also the first song that made Jimmy Page realize that Plant could now handle writing the majority of the lyrics for the band’s songs. Plant wrote the song as a tribute to his then-wife Maureen.
Absolutely beautiful lyrics, then Jimmy Page throws in one of the most lyrical guitar solos of his career, while John Bonham pounds away like he’s battling an earthquake. Some things, you can’t change. Thank you god!

“Thank You (Faletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” by Sly and The Family Stone

Only one of the greatest and most influential funk songs of all time.
Gotta be thankful for that!

“Thank You For Being A Friend” Andrew Gold

Oh yes. Friendship is what Thanksgiving is all about. And Bea Arthur.

“Thanks for the Pepperoni”- George Harrison
It’s a instrumental, but good for those eating pizza instead of Turkey.

“Thank You Girl”- The Beatles
It was a B side to “From me to you” and is the better side. Proving once again The Beatles “B” sides were better than most people’s “A” sides, including themselves. Thanks boys.

“Thank You For The Music”- Abba
For those with an “80’s Swedish” themed Thanksgiving.

“Thank You”- Dido
This had to be on here. The song is attached to your frontal cortex whether you want it to be there or not. Thanks for that Dido. And thanks for calling yourself “Dido”. It makes everybody smile.

“I Thank You”-
Written by David Porter and Isaac Hayes (of ‘Shaft’ fame- shut your mouth)
Originally recorded by Sam and Dave then given big Texas teeth by ZZ Top.
ZZ top is like a Lone Star state AC DC. There ain’t going to be any surprises when they play. And I’m thankful for that.
I’m also thankful that Billy and Dusty have those long crazy beards, but Frank the drummer, whose last name IS Beard does not.

And on a more personal note, I truly would like to thank everybody who follows this blog, who checks out the BJS on Facebook, and especially to those who are going to The Black Jacket Symphony shows. The response and support we feel from you has been nothing short of amazing.
This doesn’t seem like enough but,
Sincerely…Thank you.


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  1. No, no…thank YOU!

    November 23, 2011 at 6:54 pm

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