Scene Too:

Once again….

Through exhaustive research for all things real rock and roll and Black Jacket Symphony related (again, research….not obsession.  Ok, I’m in therapy)  I have come across a whole lot of pictures and images that for one reason or another fascinate me.  Some are just unusual pairings.  Others could have altered iconic photographs that are burned into our mind.  In any case, I thought I would share part two:

Paul McCartney with Mick Jagger.  Not sure what they were talking about unless it was Paul trying to talk Mick into this:

Actually playing drums on a session with Charlie Watts.  Proves pretty quickly that The Beatles and The Stones were not the “rivals” that some people like to think.

Ringo And David Bowie.  Yes, I think Bowie may be naked.   And yes Ringo looks uncomfortable about it.

John Kerry photobombing John Lennon.

David Bowie, Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Yoko Ono, John Lennon. and Roberta Flack at the Grammys 1975.

Bob Dylan and Muhammad Ali.  How did this happen?

Jerry Garcia.  High school.  He needed the beard.

Stevie Nicks.  High school.  She needed the feathery 70’s hair.

Bruce Springsteen.  High school.  He needed rock and roll.

Jimmy Page.  He had it early on…

Two outtakes from what would and could have been the ‘White Album’ posters.

The very last paid concert The Beatles ever performed.  Candlestick Park San Francisco.  What’s up with the fence?

How Brian Jones and Keith Richards felt about it all.

When you are quite possibly the most photographed person in the world you run out of poses.

1968.  Recording sessions for The White Album.  A very tense threesome.

1968.  Sessions for The White Album.  Ringo always made everything better.  He got tired of it though and actually left the tensions of the recordings and the band for a week or so.

Keith Moon showing up not only late, but at the wrong gig.

A celebration for Ringo’s 70th birthday.  Photoshop can be amazing…

And occasionally sad.



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