You got the Silver….

So who won the 2012 London Olympics?

The USA came in first with 104 total  (46 gold), China got the silver with 88 total (38 gold). I can’t tell if Russia or the little island of Great Britain came in third, but it doesn’t matter.

Rock and Roll won the 2012 Olympics.

Remember when rock was dangerous, but ruled the world no matter what the powers that be might have thought?

Now it’s our generation.  That was even the song that closed the ceremonies.

Back in 1965 we were told “My Generation” wouldn’t last. It was just a trifle, an expression of angst. But here we are, a lifetime later, and it rules, it closed the Olympics.

Before you think that it’s just an age thing, and that in the Olympics are always a sign of what the generation in power used to listen to….think again.

In 40 years will the Olympics be dragging Katy Perry up to sing….whatever she sings?  LMFAO?  Will Lady Gaga be all dressed up singing “Born this way”?

Paul McCartney closed the opening of the Olympics with ‘Hey Jude’.

The closing ceremony had Ray Davies, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles were represented in a big way, and it finished off  with The Who.

Yes, It was our generation.

But it’s everybody’s generation now.

We fumbled so much. We messed up the economy. We didn’t look out for our brother enough. We didn’t believe in love like we said we would.

But we believed in the music.

And it is forever.

And that’s why it played such a huge part in the closing ceremonies.

Only music is that big.

Only music can truly unite us.


2 responses

  1. I would include the caveat that those bands were used because they were great British exports, something of the UK that had a major effect on the world. Don’t look for it to happen again in Rio…they’ll be celebrating Brazilian culture. What that means I have no idea.

    August 20, 2012 at 3:53 pm

  2. Matthew Browning

    Really enjoy everything B.J.S. does. Postings and music

    August 20, 2012 at 6:08 pm

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