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Hotel California

The rumors are out there still.

The song was written about either the devil or a madhouse.

You can’t kill some myths although they’ve been disproved time and again. The lyrics and album cover photo of the Eagles’ signature tune “Hotel California” are some of these. The popular 1970’s song tells the story of a weary traveler who checks into a luxurious, upscale hotel only to discover all may not be as it appears

But because the lyrics to the song contain kind of ominous undercurrent, many have gone to the trouble to find figurative and literal meanings that just aren’t there.  Theories abound.

Some persist the song must be written about an actual building (there WAS no ‘Hotel California’) so they assert it was a nickname for the Camarillo State Hospital, a state-run psychiatric hospital near Los Angeles which housed thousands of patients during its sixty year…

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