Mean Mustache

The Mustache.

Another controversial topic.

At one time it was a sign of real manhood.  Then it seemed to only be on very macho guys, police officers, gay men, and women who have given up.

But regardless, in Rock and roll their have been some mustaches for the ages.  It’s simply one of those things some can do,  while some can’t.  But apparently when you are a rock star you get a little more rope with that ‘stache.

Some of the most famous:


Chuck Berry.  The first real rock and roller had a ‘stache.  Influencing guitar playing, songwriting and grooming.

Photo of Duane Allman

Duane Allman.  Simply one of the best Rock and Roll mustaches of all time.  The lamb-chop-sideburn-into-the-horshoe style is legendary.


David Crosby.  ALWAYS with a mustache.  Except during that arrested going to jail thing.  And yes, now that he is older he looks just like Wilford Brimley.  As a matter of fact you never see the two together.


Jimi  Hendrix rocked a little mustache for most of his to short career. While we will always have to wonder what he’d be doing musically today, we also have to wonder what the ‘stache would be like….



Freddy Mercury.  Obviously one of the greatest mustaches in rock.  He’s having it trimmed here because he could actually grow a full mustache in 7 minutes.

beatles cover1967 mustache

Of course The Beatles all grew mustaches for Sgt Pepper, and somehow still looked really cool.  They knew that they would look cooler than you, so in the sleeve of the album was a fake mustache so you could try.

image oates

John Oats.  Have you ever seen him without one?  I can’t imagine….scary to think about really.


Ted Nugent is crazy and so is his mustache.  He wants to shoot you by the way.


Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy was rocking the porn star mustache before it was even widely known as a porn star mustache.  That’s how cool he was.


Lemmy of Motorhead.  Is it a fu manchu?  Is it a horseshoe?  Doesn’t matter.  Lemmy can call it whatever he wants.


Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap.  His ‘stache went to eleven.


Frank Zappa.  Probably the most famous mustache in all rock and roll.  The famous combo, a handlebar-meets-soul-patch combo not only has it’s own name (“The Zappa”) but it’s own facebook page.  Phillips electric razor page even gives instructions on how to have a “Zappa”.  That’s a famous ‘stache.


Honorable mention goes to Frank Beard.  Because he is the ONLY member of ZZ Top without a long legendary beard.  The guy NAMED beard sports a ‘stache……..


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  1. Greg Ellis

    My favorite mustache ever was the one grown by J. Willoughby; what year was it?

    Sent from my iPad

    May 23, 2013 at 5:22 pm

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