A Mad Day Out….

During the recording of what would become ‘The White Album’, Paul McCartney decided the Beatles needed a new series of publicity photographs.  After all, they had been in India for three months and then hidden in the studio since May.  The last anybody had heard or seen them was the song “Lady Madonna” and it’s promo film that had come out in March.  That’s right, back then with The Beatles anyway the public didn’t like to go a few months without seeing what they were up to and or looked like.

Brain Epstein used to set these photo shoots up for them almost every few weeks or even days.  So I guess it was also just something that they felt came along with the job.

So a date was decided.  July 28th.  The entire day was blocked for as many photos as possible at 7 different locations in London so basically they would not have to do it again for another few months.

It’s interesting to note that these pictures were taken 4 days after The Beatles recorded “While my Guitar gently Weeps”.  The day after these photos were taken they would be back in the studio on the 29th.  To record the biggest selling single of their career, “Hey Jude”.

These are some of the “lesser” seen photographs from the day they ended up calling…

“The mad day out”.

Mad day lennon front

Mad day 3

Mad day cape 2


mad day 1

Mad day capes

Mad day 1

From The first location.  The Thomson House.  A photo studio in London.

Mad day 2.1 Mad day 2.3

Mad day ringo tie touch

Mad day 2.

From location 2.  The Mercury Theater in Kensington.  Apparently while at the piano McCartney kept playing the song they would be recording the next day, “Hey Jude”.

Mad day 4

Mad day 3.

And from location number 3, Swain’s Lane.  Just a short walk from the second location.

The park bench scene features the little known real “5th Beatle”.  He was mainly overlooked and picked on by the rest of the group.

Actually he was just a kid who happened to be around that day.


Mad day 1Mad day 2


Mad day wall prissy

Mad day wall salute

Mad day wall fight

And from the 4th location.  They walked a little farther and came upon Old Street Roundabout.  The photographer ask them to get up on the wall of the roundabout and The Beatles just improvised.  The last photo is very telling and foreshadowing what was going on with the band.

Mad day spit

Mad day bench laugh

Mad day 4. Mad day 4.1

The 5th location.  St. Pancras.  Originally a medieval parish.  The last photo shows the seldom seen “6th Beatle”.  He was obviously little known and Ringo is shown here letting him know he was being kicked out.

And again, actually just an older gentleman who happened to be minding his own business on the bench.  Until some meddling hippies came along.

Mad day odd

Mad day 5. Mad day 5.1 Mad day 5.2 Mad day 5.3

Mad day paul pinch

Mad day out john out

The 6th location.  Wrapping Pier Head.  Some strange photos by the river.  Especially the last.  Again….an almost disturbing foreshadow.

Mad day 7. Mad day 7.1 Mad day 7.2 Mad day 7.3

Mad day 5 martha

Mad day martha 2

The 7th and final location.  Cavendish Avenue.  More precisely, Paul McCartney’s “Greenhouse” room at his London home, jus a mile or two away from Abbey Road Studio.   These photos feature the most famous Beatle dog of all time “Martha”.  McCartney would end up recording a song for the upcoming White Album called “Martha My Dear” for his beloved old English sheepdog.

Mad day yoko

And finally…going home.  In what may be the most foreshadowing moment of the day, John walks off with Yoko Ono.  Leaving Paul with Martha….


2 responses


    And just how much would I LOVE to have that Coca Cola can John is holding (in the first location) for my collection of Coke memorabilia!

    July 11, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    • C.T.Britton III

      Wow, I’m a collector and in the Coca-Cola business as well as an avid Beatles Fan and I missed that…thanks John

      July 12, 2013 at 3:15 pm

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